Monday, 22 July 2013

Long time no post!

G'day again, long time no post!

Well what can I say, life has been very busy this year.  My weight has been stable, my fitness too, relatively speaking.

The good part about what I did last year is that all the good eating habits I formed have become "normal" for me and I haven't strayed much - my exercise has dropped back a bit as life / work / play has been rather hectic with lots of things (all good) happening at once.

Summer in Northern Ireland has finally arrived, after an extended winter which lasted well into April (snow, in April, who'd a thunk it!). 

With summer has come all the tasks I put off doing last year due to my health and weight - including painting the house fences (a few weeks ago, still a work in progress) and also painting the exterior of my "garden" shed.  On Saturday past I spent 6 hours painting the shed - 3 coats all around!  Just the cutting in around the windows and doors to go now:



Yesterday I was invited to go slope soaring with my RC model club friends Lewis and Jonathan.  "Lets meet at Slemish car park", Lewis said.  Little did I know that would mean climbing Mount Slemish!!!

What an adventure!

Till next time ...



Saturday, 8 September 2012

Support your mates

A mate of mine has had an interesting year.  Interesting in the proverbial sense, that is.

When I started on this road to recover my health, a few people offered their support and encouragement - one such friend was Ian - who himself had started a similar journey in late 2011.  Ian's efforts were hampered by a nasty injury, but he has persevered in ways that still inspire me to work harder at what I'm doing. 

Well I'm pleased to report that Ian's recovery is such that, later this month, he will participate in the City to Bay Fun Run.  Awesome effort, Ian!

Ian has setup a fund raising page with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) as beneficiary.  Please give what you can and show your support at the same time.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

What happened to August?

It's September already.

Last thing I remembered I was posting a status update at the end of July with my progress to date - what happened to August?

Well, not much happend during August, except a few work trips, two gym visits and a couple of walks around the local park with the dog each week at best.  Time flies when you're having fun!

The next two months are going to be very busy and I will be trying as hard as I can to rack up the exercise and wind back on the foods - I doubt I can meet my target by the end of October at this stage, but I'm going to give it a good old fashioned Aussie try.

Oh, I bought a bike - that's what else I did in August.  Yeah, one of those things with two wheels, pedals, etc.  Only one ride managed so far - it needs some work.  11.76kms, 52:28mins, Avg 13.4km/hr, Max 36.2km/hr.

Stay tuned.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Progress status update

Busy week last week - and again this week - no time to update much other than to say that I had my checkup with my diabetic nurse this morning - following up on my blood tests a few weeks ago:

I’ve done so well with my weight loss and exercise this past 6 months that my doctor has said I can now stop taking one of my daily diabetic medications!   One down: 5 to go.

11kg of weight lost and six inches off my waistline since November 2011.  My 3 month average HbA1c values are down from 43 mmol/mol (6%) to 34 mmol/mol (5%).

A normal non-diabetic HbA1C is ranged at between 15 to 37 mmol/mol - so I am now at the top-end of non-diabetic levels (medicated) instead of being way over into the nasty zone.  If I continue my downward trend, I should be able to get off the medication completely by the time I hit my target weight some time next year (my target is lower than the 77lbs I was aiming for on this blog - but that's another story)!

My next test is in three months time.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Another week in Texas

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and I've been on the road again for the last week of that - I've been in sunny Richardson, Texas, attending a work training course. 

Breakfasts for the past week in Texas have been mostly comprised of a selection of fruits and a small tub of yogurt and tea.  Lunches have been provided as part of the training and, while tasty, they aren't what I would normally prefer to eat - I'm becoming a big fan of light salads and unfortunately lunches this week have been delicious BBQ meats, sandwiches, Pizza and Tex-Mex...

I've managed only one gym session this week however we did spend two and a half hours on a clay pigeon course in 35C heat one evening - which was great fun but hard work at the same time - I was exhausted afterwards!

Dinners have been a mix of steak, sliders and chicken this week - again not the best choice and I should be trying harder, but after a day of brain taxing training it is always hard to be good.  No excuses though.... if I ever want a body as good looking as the ones we saw here...

The good news is that my midsection is definitely slimming down with the work that I have been doing - the belt I bought in Texas 6 weeks ago has just had a new hold added to it, 2 inches away from the one which was tight when I bought it!  I also spent Thursday evening last week helping my wife hem two pair of new jeans which I bought last time we were here - I intentionally bought a size too small and this week I've been wearing them quite comfortably.  *dance*

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Home, sweet home!

I'm back home in Belfast after a very productive week in the Netherlands for work.

Exercise wise, I caught a train and a metro line to and from the office each day, walking 10 minutes at a brisk pace at each end of the journey.  While nowhere near as good as going to the gym, unfortunately the hotel I was booked in didn't have one so I had to make do. 

Breakfasts were split between coffee and a croissant for three of the days away and a small bowl of cereal and yogurt on the other three days. 

Dinners were exclusively salad based: Monday: Gado gado; Tuesday: Italian leafy green salad, capers, artichokes and a very thin slice of veal (1mm!); Wednesday: Meal salad with smoked ribeye (thinly sliced, again), orange and basil mascarpone crostini's; Thursday: Small caesar salad with grilled chicken, rocket, capers, parmezan cheese and anchovy dressing; Friday: I fell asleep straight after work and woke up just in time for breakfast before flying home :-)

Lunches were not as successful (apart from Friday's lettuce and ham salad) - I decided to try a variety of sliced meats and egg salad for most of the week, until Thursday when I discovered (to my horror) that the 4 small chorizo slices I was including in my meals contained over 100 kcal each slice!!! 

After flying home on Saturday, I drove to Jackson's and picked up two nice pieces of sirloin and some flavoured snags.  I cooked the steaks to perfection (again) using my salt and pepper seasoning - just 90 seconds per side for a perfect medium rare.

For brunch on Sunday I cooked the sausages and eggs; yum!  Snacked on them for dinner too.  I'm going to have to work very hard at the gym this week to make up for the lost time last week.  More salads on the menu too - no dressing though, I prefer my lettuce neat!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Double Dutch

I'm in the Netherlands for work this week, so my gym membership gets a rest for 7 days - lucky thing!  Flew in on Sunday afternoon and within two hours I had been offered a supply of an illicit substance by an oxygen theif at the bus station...

I've been really good with food, keeping my energy levels up as I'm working long days and walking a good 40 minutes to work each morning (plus train / metro).

Sadly my hotel doesn't have a gym - the best they could do was offer me a 17.50 day pass!?! That's right up there with the €15 breakfast that I'm not taking advantage of either... So we'll have to settle for long walks and less food this week!